Weed Slicer

The tough garden tool that really works


The Weed Slicer is a garden tool that was born out of frustration in 2007. With no tool quite as effective on the market, the only solution was to make one for ourselves. Proving to be a huge success among family and friends by revolutionising their gardening practises, we decided to develop and refine the idea into the product you see today.


  • Tough serrated steel blade to tackle any weed
  • Long aluminium handle reduces the need for bending
  • Available in a variety of colours to suit any garden - Hot pink, Purple, Pale Pink, Blue, Gold, Green
  • Plastic Grip for extra comfort
  • Multiple uses

The Weed Slicer has been proven to reduce the difficulty of tackling weeds in many gardens, greatly minimising the use of chemicals and strenuous activities to achieve the same goal.