Weed Slicer

The tough garden tool that really works

Using the Weed Slicer

Position Yourself

Stand behind the weeder with hands on the grip. For best results keep the blade flat to the ground. Hold the handle close to your leg or hip for extra strength

Position the Blade

Place the point of the blade at the base of the weed. Push against the handle, guiding the serrated blade through the root of the weed.

Larger weeds will crunch as the blade slices through the base of the root under the soil. A simple, easily method of removing the toughest of weeds.

Once the weed has been detached from the root, dispose of as desired. Using the point of the blade, hook out the remaining root for maximum effect.

Other uses

The Weed Slicer easily removes single stem weeds such as marshmallow, thistles etc. It can be used in a sawing action with the side of the blade cutting through the base of tough stems.

It is ideal to reach under thorny bushes, rambling vines and difficult areas next to walls and garden edges, including between paving bricks.

The tool also has many uses, such as stirring compost, cultivating soil and weeding around delicate plants.

Can be used to slash tall stands of nettles and very tough weeds.

Make gardening easy and reduce the need to bend down!

Ideal for ageing gardeners